#1 hello

so. this is my first post on this thing, and it’s not as terrifying as i’d thought. hopefully these will be my goals throughout this thing.

here’s the reference

Don’t talk fast; don’t talk often;
don’t embellish with lies; don’t be verbose – but
cover the subject with clarity, use few words
and speak at the right moment.

விரைந்து உரையார்; மேன்மேல் உரையார்; பொய் ஆய
பரந்து உரையார்; பாரித்து உரையார்;-ஒருங்கு எனைத்தும்
சில் எழுத்தினானே, பொருள் அடங்க, காலத்தால்
சொல்லுப செவ்வி அறிந்து!

which i shall interpret as this

1. truthful – no filter, no inhibitions, no pretense
2. pleasant – or at least value-adding in some sense
3. i can’t think of a third one so i’ll make it as hopefully you get something out of reading this too, even if that something is an insight into how i think/function/whatnot

so this will be a repository of whatever i think and feel. hopefully it’ll get going, and it’ll be good. for those who know me irl: nice seeing you here; be good, bring this up nicely.

cheers xoxo
anbudan, noon

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